Who we are

Northern Arizona Digital Marketing is the marketing solution for small businesses. Our team of experienced professionals are at the frontline in leveraging cutting-edge technologies and automation to reach new heights for our clients. We breathe life into campaigns through SEO optimization, social media advertising, PPC placements, and customized website design - see how we can help take your web presence from average to extraordinary today!

We're here to help your business grow. With our industry experience and knowledge, we can boost your business to new heights!

Our mission is to become your trusted partner in taking your business online – offering expert digital marketing services from experienced professionals who will use their knowledge and resources to maximize success. We are committed to delivering quality service with powerful results so you can count on us for continued growth and development!

The spirit of working smarter is at the heart of what we do. We believe that automation and AI can help you realize your full potential by freeing up time for other important activities in life, like spending more quality time with family or investing yourself into hobbies outside work!


Leadership Team


Ryan Kanaley is the founder and main contributor to our digital marketing services. Ryan is the author of How To Digital Marketing and holds degrees in computer science and business administration.

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